Thursday, October 1, 2009


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that an unpublished author in possession of a large manuscript must be in need of a blog.
One needs to be - a) Opinionated and b) able to use the Spallchucker.....Sweet.

The manuscript in question is not a children's book. It's the biography of my father, Harry H. Corbett. I have been researching/writing it for about 18 months now. People who know what I'm working on comment "That must be interesting etc, etc" and "So, how's it going?" and "You should do a blog." So I've decided to join the ranks of the blaggers...sorry...bloggers.

The venture is interesting...and daunting. Especially when confronted with the crisp north face of a fresh chapter. Even Neil Armstrong must have said "Aw shucks, not another moon rock."

But I can see one great personal benefit of a blog. All the time I'm thinking about it, I'm not actually working on the book - blogging not slogging. You hear about how writers can hit the wall occasionally in between those purple patches. Hmmm... The closer I get to the end the more walls and less purple there is - it's a bit like labour without the gas and air. Now, an epidural would come in handy; I wouldn't be able to tell when my bum had numbed again. Something I usually find out only when I attempt to disengage from the keyboard.

After 80,000 words that keyboard is looking pretty ropey. Surprisingly the 'n' is the most battle scarred, you'd think it would have been a vowel. Action on the keys is not what it was; it may soon become unbearable for the better half, who regularly informs me of its continued deterioration. I'm surprised it doesn't have Steinway on it. He's already hinted at a new one. I'm loathed to succumb. Given the amount of crud that must have fallen underneath the keys, there could be an entire ecosystem flourishing down there. A new and exciting species of Qwerty is, at this very moment, planning an attempt on the summit of Mount 'Missing N'.

It would be a shame to miss the flag planting.

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  1. Me gustaría que la biografía de tu padre Harry H. Corbett se publicara para habla hispana. Ojalá se haga! Eres muy talentosa y bella...