Friday, October 2, 2009

Poets and Potties

One blog in and I’m already a liar.

I am a published author. I even went down to a bookshop when Dragon’s Dinner came out last month for the obligatory photo of me next to my actual book in an actual shop. The owners were very sweet, and fussed embarrassingly.

Perhaps it slipped my mind as it’s been so long since Dragon’s got the go ahead. Hodder said yes four years ago. Surprisingly, this is not an unusually long time.

Or perhaps it’s the romantic in me. ‘Unpublished author’ brings forth images of Continental garrets where consumptive poets gently hack up over the parchment. As a rule I tend to only hack up whatever cold No. 2 daughter has brought home from nursery.

Aside from being a place where the offspring can expand her horizons and learn just how far she can push her luck, the nursery is a petri dish of infections. Toughening the character and the immune system at the same time – a full service. Second day back her nose was running like a tap and shows no sign of giving up – much like her stubbornness. This week her horizon has been expanded to the potty. Once enthroned she did not perform, oh no, she held on until a window of opportunity presented itself. Back on her feet, she calculated a beautiful trajectory and peed precisely on the teacher’s foot. No ‘Brick in the Wall’ for this one.

We’re so proud.

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  1. Nice writing, Su - an author as well as an actress !
    Best wishes to Dan and the little dollies :)
    Richard (Joyson)